Delhi to host ‘green’ photography festival

New Delhi, Nov 28 At a time when the debate around pollution and environmental degradation is at its peak, an upcoming photo exhibition titled “Habitat Photosphere” will take a look at the issue through the aesthetic prism. The festival, which is part of a year-long initiative called “Habitat Photosphere,” will culminate in an exhibition titled “Panchtattvas As part of its year-long photo festival, Habitat Photosphere, The India Habitat Centre has selected Harikrishna Katragadda, Monica Tiwari,

India Habitat Centre’s Year-long Photography Festival based on sustainable development will … Just one month left till Habitat Photosphere 2016 kicks off.  Sunil is one among the four winners of the Habitat Photosphere Award instituted by The India Habitat Centre as part of its year-long photo Find Habitat Photosphere Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Habitat Photosphere and see latest updates, news, information

We encounter images knowingly or unknowingly at every passing moment in a single day whether they are
from the internet, newspapers, phones, or television. Ubiquitous photographic trends and the barrage of images
are our reality. The art of visualization is no longer a territory of the anonymous; its overt popularization has
redefined the aesthetics of cultural consumption. The democratic value associated with the art of photography
acknowledges the blurring of boundaries, moving away from conventional rules and constantly finding new
avenues of exploration. Playing a significant role in bringing this trend close to every quarter of our life is the
advent of digital technology, which can be said to define our social and cultural networks.

pay obeisance to the supporting energy of the Lord,
In the form of the earth,
Which remains established as the prime base,
For sprouting the seed of the universe.
Abhinav Bharati, Mangalaslokam

Photography is often misunderstood as following repetitive codes embedded in social and aesthetic
conventions. The task is to recode these conventions regularly, fixing no single meaning and redefining and
reshaping the conventions. The festival, in the same vein, would work to reshape the codes set for photography
and film. Under the canopy of photography and film, the shifting values of the term ‘environment’ cannot go
unnoticed. Reflecting the same, the festival shall put creative knowledge into artistic practice to display a wide
array of spaces and sites and take the opportunity to redefine the links between photo aesthetics, film and
environmental art.

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