Reliance Jio new record, 5 crores subscribers in 83 days

According to statistics, the company every minute of every day in 1000 and made a record of the six million clients.

In the telecom sector, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio new 5 crores subscribers users in less than three months are added. The company is licensed to provide 4G services in the country. According to sources, the company’s five operations since September 1000 and every minute of every day, adding the six million customer record is created. The company said 83 days is the number of subscribers exceeded five million. Such RJio has become the world’s fastest growing.


Please tell the Airtel add 5 million subscribers took 12 years. The Idea and Vodafone took 13 years. Reliance Jio entered the market three months ago Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, the country’s largest telecom companies, taking direct competition. The company has its commercial service began on September 5 in a month and 1.6 million customers were added.
Just the number of subscribers, Bharti Airtel Live part 1/5 is reached. In October, nearly 26 million subscribers, Bharti Airtel. According to the latest data from cellular association COAI, Vodafone and Idea subscribers, about 20 million subscribers is around 18 million. Let me tell you geo welcome RJio offers its users, giving the reason for the large number of people are attracted to it.
the growing number of e-KYC:
Please tell that to activate SIM RJio less given the company’s e-KYC facility. eKYC process begins in 15 minutes under the SIM card. This is also the reason that the company is growing among consumers.
In the video, see the way they live to buy SIM

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